Bolt Action Waffen SS box set now available

Warlord Games have added their Bolt Action Waffen SS box set to their online store.

box contents

From their announcement:

Love them or loathe them the Waffen-SS were an uncompromising and dangerous opponent. This boxed set heralds the arrival of a completely new SS range and is available to order now.

You can still get your hands on the previous SS range here but this new one will be both far more comprehensive but also incorporate our Figure Head system – allowing you to build a unique force in posing and variation.

The Bolt Action Waffen-SS Boxed Set contains:

  • 6-man Command Squad: Officer, NCO with MP40 SMG, 2-man radio team with rifles, Medic and a rifleman
  • 9-man squad: 2 NCOs with MP40 SMGs, 2-man MG42 LMG team and 5 riflemen
  • 81mm mortar and 3 crew
  • 2 soldats with StG44 assault rifles

There are many examples of SS troops fighting well and within the bounds of what we can call ‘civilised war’, but too many incidents of brutality occurred for most people’s tastes. Warlord Games presents some of Germany’s toughest troops, eager to close with their enemies and put their training and equipment to the test. Place your order today on our website – shipping is still free until Monday.