Bolt Action US Marine Corps box set now available

Warlord Games is now offering a 28mm Bolt Action US Marine Corps box set.

US Marine Corps box set

From their announcement:

We’ve long wanted to do armies for our Bolt Action range of WWII miniatures that are set in the Far Eastern theatre – the Pacific, Burma, etc. With the glorious “The Pacific” television series by HBO now available on DVD what better time than now? Whether you want to re-fight scenes from the series or re-enact other historical battles you can field a force of US Marines with this great boxed set.

The US Marine Corps boxed set contains the following 21 models:

  • Command: Officer, Radio Operator, Stretcher Bearer, US?Navy Corpsman and US Marine casualty
  • USMC squad: Squad Leader with M1 Carbine, 2 NCOs with Thompson SMGs, 1 Marine with combat shotgun, 1 Marine with BAR and 5 riflemen.
  • Marine with flamethrower
  • 60mm mortar team
  • 2-man .30 Cal LMG team

This box set, along with dozens of reinforcements, are now available to order from our website.

Our free world wide shipping offer is still on, and as one altogether too enthusiastic staff member keeps telling us, it’s only 40 sleeps until Christmas…