Bolt Action US Army Jeep with 50 Cal HMG and crew now available from Warlord Games

Warlord Games seems to have an infinite amount of releases for Bolt Action (this is a good thing). Here’s their next: The US Army Jeep.

From the release:

If a 30 Cal MMG mounted on a Jeep isn’t doing the business for you, you’ll be wanting to check out the 50 Cal variant we have just released…

  • TaoDeInsane

    I just wish Warlord would get up on production. There’s not a single player at my LGS out of about 15 guys who doesn’t have multiple things backordered for over a month now from Warlord. I personally have somewhere around 600 points of infantry and gun teams that I’ve been waiting on them to ship for 6 weeks now. And that’s 6 weeks AFTER my LGS got their order with the invoice marked “Backordered”. The LGS owner said he’s ordering around US$1,000 from them each week, and getting maybe $400 of his orders.

  • cama

    Is your LGS ordering from Alliance or Warlord?
    It makes a difference. A BIG one. Warlord supply my LGS regularly and with no problems.
    I am guessing you are in the US, and therefore your LGS is getting it through Alliance, and they SUCK.

  • TaoDeInsane

    Nope, my LGS is ordering directly from Warlord.

    • cama

      Well that sucks. Alliance sucks worse though.

      Seriously though, my local shop gets Warlord stock with no problems. Still agree with you – they do need to ramp up production – their forum is full of these kind of stories, but most are Alliance related.

      Thanks for sharing – hope it gets better.

      They have Armour rules coming out soon – so get ready to play big tank battles in big scale!