Bolt Action US Army Jeep with 50 Cal HMG and crew now available from Warlord Games

By Polar_Bear
In Historical
Mar 4th, 2013

Warlord Games seems to have an infinite amount of releases for Bolt Action (this is a good thing). Here’s their next: The US Army Jeep.

From the release:

If a 30 Cal MMG mounted on a Jeep isn’t doing the business for you, you’ll be wanting to check out the 50 Cal variant we have just released…

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  • TaoDeInsane

    I just wish Warlord would get up on production. There’s not a single player at my LGS out of about 15 guys who doesn’t have multiple things backordered for over a month now from Warlord. I personally have somewhere around 600 points of infantry and gun teams that I’ve been waiting on them to ship for 6 weeks now. And that’s 6 weeks AFTER my LGS got their order with the invoice marked “Backordered”. The LGS owner said he’s ordering around US$1,000 from them each week, and getting maybe $400 of his orders.

  • cama

    Is your LGS ordering from Alliance or Warlord?
    It makes a difference. A BIG one. Warlord supply my LGS regularly and with no problems.
    I am guessing you are in the US, and therefore your LGS is getting it through Alliance, and they SUCK.

  • TaoDeInsane

    Nope, my LGS is ordering directly from Warlord.

    • cama

      Well that sucks. Alliance sucks worse though.

      Seriously though, my local shop gets Warlord stock with no problems. Still agree with you – they do need to ramp up production – their forum is full of these kind of stories, but most are Alliance related.

      Thanks for sharing – hope it gets better.

      They have Armour rules coming out soon – so get ready to play big tank battles in big scale!