Bolt Action German Infantry support weapons released

Warlord Games have released several 28mm metal WWII German Infantry support weapon packs.

MG42 team

From their announcement:

It’s not all beautifully sculpted, multi-pose plastic Germans you know – we also have new beautifully sculpted metal German Support Weapons too! Utilising our Figure Head system of separate heads these will add extra support to your plastic squads.

A mortar crew consists of three members, the gunner controls the deflection and elevation of the weapon, the assistant gunner loads the round at the command of the gunner and the ammunition man prepares and hands over ammunition to the assistant gunner.

Known as “Hitler’s Buzzsaw” on account of its high rate of fire. The MG42 fired 1250 rounds/minute, more than twice that of the British Vickers Machine Gun and American Browning. Now you can add this tremendous firepower to your Germans and give your infantry some much needed support.

Both of these Support Packs are now ready to order on our website.