Board Game Quest reviews Asteroid Miner

Board Game Quest has a new game review up. This one’s for Asteroid Miner.

Asteroid Miner


From the post:

I have mentioned in previous articles that space is a great location for board games. There are so many liberties you can take right now because our understanding of it is so limited. Today we will be looking at a game that looks at where the future of mining will go into space. In Asteroid Miner, the players represent an interstellar asteroid mining company looking to mine and sell as much asteroid material as they can within the year. Players have to manage all aspects of the business from shipments, building mining bases and their employees in order to win the game. I have quite a few worker placement games in my collection and it will take a great game to make its way onto my shelf. Read on to find out if Asteroid Miner makes the cut.

Asteroid Miner is economic worker placement game for two to six players that plays in less than two hours. In my experience the game plays best with four or more players.