Board Game Quest posts Teratozoic preview

Board Game Quest takes a look inside the upcoming Teratozoic board game in this new preview article.



From the post:

One thing that science fiction media has taught us over the years is that it’s never a good idea to create monsters. They always eventually turn on their creator, wreak havoc in the countryside, and then eventually get destroyed in such a way that if it’s profitable they can bring it back alive for the sequel. This is proven fact even in board games like in the game we will be previewing today.

Teratozoic is light deck building game where each round the players will attempt to create the best monster from cards in their own gene pool as well as random mutations that occur each generation. Throughout the game players will be collecting cards aiming to assemble the biggest monsters at the end of the game to be the dominate species. Let’s get into describing the game to see if it’s something you would like to support on Kickstarter.