Blue Moon release new 15mm historical range

Blue Moon Manufacturing have announced a new range of 15mm historical figures, the War Paint western range.

War Paint figures

From their announcement:

Blue Moon Manufacturing has just released the next range of beautifully sculpted 15mm figures. This next range is War Paint (Little Big Horn). This line line features 10 codes of US Cavalry and Plains Indians. It is filled with a wide variety of poses both in the mounted and the dismounted figures. There is also a package of Resin tepees for those raids and campaigns against Indian Villages.

  • 15LBH101 Mounted Plains Warriors 30 figs – $15.00
  • 15LBH102 Mounted Chieftains – 10 figs – $12.00
  • 15LBH103 Dismounted Plains Warriors 30 figs $15.00
  • 15LBH104 Plains Warriors Casualties 15 figs – Coming
  • 15LBH105 Indian Villagers 30 figs – Coming
  • 15LBH106 Mounted US Cavalry with Command 30figs – $35.00
  • 15LBH107 Dismounted US Cavalry with Command 30 figs – $15.00
  • 15LBH108 US Cavalry Casualties 15 figs – Coming
  • 15LBH109 Last Stand Vignette – Coming
  • 15LBH110 Little Big Horn Personalities – Coming
  • 15LBH111 Indian Tepees 5 tepees – $20.00

Check these out on the or the web sites.

As always the Old Glory Army discount applies to the Blue Moon Manufacturing products.