Blood for the Blood God

By Polar_Bear
In Age of Sigmar
Feb 27th, 2015

Games Workshop is seeing red. They’ve started taking pre-orders for their new Khorne Bloodthirster mini for Warhammer Fantasy. One of the most iconic demons of the Warhammer world got itself a resculpt. Go check it out.


From the post:

Bloodthirsters are the mightiest of Khorne’s daemons, the fury of war given terrible form. Every one of these towering beasts is the equal of an entire mortal army.

This multi-part plastic kit allows you to make any one of three specific types of Bloodthirster: the Wrath of Khorne Bloodthirster, the Bloodthirster of Insensate Rage, or the Bloodthirster of Unfettered Fury.

The Wrath of Khorne Bloodthirster is armed with a wrathaxe – a double-headed axe that bears two equal-sized blades – and a bloodflail. The head is designed to represent the classic Bloodthirster hounds face, framed with the Khorne icon.

The Bloodthirster of Insensate Rage is armed with an enormous double-handed axe. His head has a fanged maw with a forked tongue protruding between the teeth, and there are four horns atop his head.

The Bloodthirster of Unfettered Fury is armed with an axe – a double-headed version with two different sized blades – and a long whip. As with the other Bloodthirsters there is a specific head for this variant; the most gruesomely skull-like of the three.

Whichever variant you choose to build, the model is absolutely covered in the iconography of Khorne, from the weapons, through to the pair of wings and armour detailing. There is a choice of two sets of legs, either running or leaping atop flames. There are three different torso fronts, two designs of belly plates, two choices of loincloth and the option of adding armour plates to the legs and torso should you wish. All in all, this model is a total monster, in every sense of the word.

The Khorne Bloodthirster has 80 components and is supplied with a 60x100mm monster base and a large oval base.

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  • Ian Hunter

    With all the changes on the horizon are people still getting into Fantasy or are they just waiting for the dust to settle (yes I know the Bloodthirster can be used for 40k).

    • Purple-Stater

      Seems to be a lot of dust-watching going on. I am curious as to what percentage of players will actually get this model to survive for five games without that single base-point (the flame) breaking.

      It’s an awesome display piece, but looks completely impractical for travelling and/or playing.

      • Jeffrey Ernst

        But then, gamesworkshop isn’t in the wargame bussiness, but in the ‘collectables’ bussiness

  • Chad_Caughmann

    Then there’s the $116US price tags to contend with… That being for 1 model to use within a game….not $116 for THE GAME itself. Warhammer/40k has never been cheap, but this is just flat out pricing yourself out of range of a BIG portion of the potential player base.

    • HeavyFlamer

      If you can’t afford to play the game then you aren’t a customer nor are you part of the potential player base. Therefore the opinion of people who can’t buy giant expensive stuff isn’t considered when making giant expensive stuff. Go find another miniature of this size in any other system and see if it is cheaper.

      • Odinsgrandson

        That’s a decent point.

        We have a sort of tradition of complaining about GW prices, and a lot of them are super unreasonable (like the new Space Marine characters that cost $30). Some of them are pretty fine (their core Scout kits and Tac marine kits are pretty good value).

        Their big kits are expensive, but not super crazy when you compare them against other companies’ kits.

        You’ll get a better deal with old Ultraforge sculpts and Reaper’s Bones monsters are crazy cheap, but compare them against Privateer Press’ Guargantuans, or even Reaper’s larger metal/resin kits, and $116 isn’t super crazy.

        Now, getting into the game does have some big price barriers, but that isn’t the same problem.

      • Chad_Caughmann

        This is roughly of comparable size to the previous version of the model, in which 5-7 years ago cost basically 1/2 that price. Yes, everything in the world has gone up in price from 5-7 years ago. Basically double in price?…

        “Go find another miniature of this size in any other system and see if it is cheaper.” – you do realize a miniature of this size would be considerably cheaper in almost EVERY other system. GW has long had the reputation of charging a much higher price than most other companies when comparing similar products….and they’ve been losing touch with their player base in recent years. They’ve been pricing a good number of their fans out of their games, and soon the remaining fans aren’t going to have a very good variety of opponents.

        • HeavyFlamer

          It’s not even close to being of roughly comparable size. the old versions of this model came on a 50mm ish square base. This one comes on a chariot base and is the size of Nagash. It also comes with head and weapon options. The last version didn’t have options. What other system even makes figures of this size and sells them for less? The warmachine gargantuans are about the only thing even close in size and they are somewhat smaller and those cost $120. What models are you talking about that are the same size and cost less?

          • Odinsgrandson

            I only know from the minis that have crossed my painting table, but the End Times GW minis on chariot bases have been significantly smaller than the Guargantuans I’ve seen (less bulk, and also shorter).

            But then again, I’m not complaining about GW’s prices on these new large kits.

            If you do want a really good deal on excellent quality massive minis, find yourself some of the old Ultraforge minis. They’ve got some super nice sculpts, and are significantly cheaper than either PP or GW’s offerings. I think they made a whole range of greater daemons.

          • Achaleus

            Doesn’t really line up. The Gargantuans and Colossals are significantly bigger and also about a third of your army if you elect to bring one to the table. You have a lot of space left over after a greater daemon

          • mathieu

            You might want to consider putting the models you are comparing side by side. The Gargossals are far from “significantly bigger” than large GW pieces. What they significantly are is less detailed, more prone to miscasts and bad mold lines, and devoid of extra bits of any kind. Also the upcoming ones will be identical to the current lines saves a head/weapon swap. Sure some of the large GW kits may not constitute as large a fraction of your army, but as far as the miniatures go they are a much better deal in every non-subjective way.

            As for the “old Ultraforge minis”, while the sculpts were neat and the prices good, the quality was also far from on par with GW or even PP. No sharp edges anywhere, frequent miscasts, low quality resin… I’ve had to request replacements over replacements to get the mouth of my Vrock with teeth instead of huge chunks of resin in the mouth…

  • surprize

    I’m liking the new artistic direction from GW. First with the harlequins and now this new monster. For too long wargames companies have shied away from making miniatures with overtly camp poses inspired by Broadway shows, but it’s great they are breaking the mold.

    “Remember my name.
    I’m gonna reap skulls for-ev-er!
    I’m gonna learn how to FLY!!!!