BlitzkriegCommander II schedule

Specialist Military Publishing have added a page to their website detailing their BlitzkriegCommander II release schedule.
?From their website:

I took delivery of the books on Monday morning (21st December) and managed to get a handful of them in the post before trekking off to work for the day. The journey home was a nightmare due to the recent snowfall and the resultant gridlock on the roads – it took me two and a half hours instead of the usual 30 minutes. The evening was spent sorting out the web site, which took until after midnight. That’s the sob story out of the way.

Now the plan is to get the remaining pre-orders stuffed into envelopes and stamped-up as soon as I can, but due to the time of year (the book was never meant to be a christmas release) I’m going to hold back sending the rest of the books until Tuesday 29th December