Blight Wheel preview Recon Drone

By tgn_admin
In Sci-fi
Jun 6th, 2011

Blight Wheel Miniatures have posted a preview of a 28mm Recon Drone miniature they will soon be releasing.

Mecha Arachnids

  • Oh! I like this. Bug bot with big gun! 🙂

  • Some 15mm and even 6mm potential with a mini like that! There don’t appear to be any specific bits that show the intended scale.

    • Zac

      The base looks to be a 25mm round base but that is about the only indication of size.

  • What a nice little model. Some other nice looking things on their website too.

  • Talarius

    Verrry nice. I could see this joining my Therians in a game of AT-43.

  • Glad you like my latest sculpt for Bilght Wheel.
    Talarius, this is funny you mention the Therians, for I worked on this project too.
    I must be a one-trick poney … 🙂