Blasted Heath and Genesis event kits now available for pre-order

Privateer Press is now accepting pre-orders for their Blasted Heath and Hordes Genesis event kits.

From their announcement:

The second season of the immensely popular Shattered Grounds is almost upon us. Shattered Grounds: Blasted Heath pits players’ forces against each other in a battle for control of the Bloodsmeath Marsh in eastern Cygnar. Blasted Heath begins June 7th and runs for three weeks.

Shattered Grounds: Blasted Heath Core Kit (PIP 99068) contains one Full Metal Champion Coin, 12 League Scorecards, and two Commendation Stamps.

Be sure to place your orders in early, as we sold out of the Nightfall kits the day the league started. Stores can order Blasted Heath by fax using the attached order form or by calling Retailer Support at 425-643-5900 x110

Hot on the heels of Blasted Heath, July sees the release of HORDES: Primal Mk II. To celebrate this momentous occasion, Privateer Press is offering a special release event kit called HORDES: Genesis (PIP 99077). This limited edition kit contains one full metal Champion Coin and 4 full metal Faction Coins sure to be in high demand from HORDES players. So get ‘em before they’re all gone.

The suggested event weekend date for HORDES: Genesis is July 16th, 2010. Please fax in your order form to Privateer Press or give me a call to place your order today.