Blackwater Gulch Wylde’s Rangers & Kurt Wyatt Preview

Gangfight Games has a couple new previews up for Blackwater Gulch. They’ve got the artwork for Wylde’s Rangers and a green of Kurt Wyatt.

From the preview:

Answering an appeal from Mayor Horndike, the US government sent a small contingent of weapons and soldiers to help protect the town. Operating out of nearby Camp Goldrock, they’ve made a name for themselves locally as Wylde’s Rangers. Though it soon became clear that they were just here to make off with as much gold as they could carry.

Sergeant Wylde leads his men to battle in the town streets and outskirts. He’s know as a tough, but fair man… Fair enough to take your gold, and maybe let you live if you keep your mouth shut. His second in command is Corporal Thompson, who also acts as the camp’s medic. Privates Connors, Watson and Ambler complete the squad, along with some heavy artillery. They often argue over who gets to shoot hoodlums with their Gatling Gun next, which they’ve aptly named The Spitter.

Wylde’s Rangers is a new gang for Blackwater Gulch. They will be featured in our upcoming Kickstarter campaign in couple of weeks. Also, we just got photos of the first bonus figure for the campaign, Kurt Wyatt, sculpted by Brother Vinni. Kurt was an infamous lawman from Coffin Rock who came to town with his friend Dr. Kilmer, looking for a fresh start.

  • Orca

    I don’t like this sculptor, prefer to Bob or other for this range.

    • Nightbee

      Yup. Brother Vinni was the weakest of the sculptors that provided greens for Blackwater’s Kickstarter campaign, and it’s unfortunate that he now seems to be their only sculptor (I could be wrong, but he’s done everything of theirs that I’ve seen recently). That whole campaign felt like a bit of bait-and-switch, honestly.

  • Necros

    I’m sorry the campaign didn’t go as smoothly as planned, I really dropped the ball with the delivery times. To be honest I was a total noob and learned many lessons the hard way. Now the game is being published by Game Salute and they will be running everything, I’m the game designer so I handle the rules and new gangs, etc. Game Salute will handle all production going forward. They will be the ones running the new campaign too. I don’t expect to start the new campaign until we at least start processing everyone’s orders from the first. I’m just showing off the new stuff as the artists complete it 🙂

    I’m a big fan of Brother Vinni, which i why we’ll continue to use him. I personally like his style a lot. But Bob will be sculpting for us as well, as I love his style too 🙂 Going forward we are going to have 1 sculptor focus on 1 gang, so all of the figures have the same look & feel. Bob will be sculpting Wylde’s Rangers, he already did the gatling gun model that will come with the gang.

  • Mananarepublic
  • I think they look pretty darn cool and would have got Wylde’s Rangers instead of my first choice if I could have during the Kickstarter.

    I’m liking most of the figures from GFG.