Blackwater Gulch version 5 available

Version 5 of the Blackwater Gulch Western rules are available to download.

From their announcement:

The latest playtest version of Blackwater Gulch has just been released.

Blackwater Gulch is a skirmish miniatures game based on gang fights in the Wild West. The game’s playtest rules are available for free online, and active testers will be rewarded with free miniatures once the final game is released.

Please visit our website at for more information. In order to download the rules, you will have to sign up for our message board with a valid email address. After that, you will be able to download the rules in the playtest forum.

This new version contains lots of great enhancements brought about by many suggestions from current testers and the game is really turning out great. We expect to be fully releasing the game early next year with a line of highly detailed 28mm miniatures, and the rules will be available for free online.

Please visit our site for more information.