Blackwater Gulch has some new sculpts for us to see

By Polar_Bear
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Mar 3rd, 2012

Gunfight Games gives us a sneak peek at a pair of new models for Blackwater Gulch.

You gotta aim for the heart.

We have 2 new Blackwater Gulch sculpts to share! First we have the Bandit sculpted by Igor (aka Brother Vinni), followed by the Gunslinger sculpted by Pedro Ramos. Both of these will be included in the upcoming Clancy Gang “starter set”. We still have 2 more sculpts we’re waiting on for the set, for the Wrassler and Masked Outlaw. Those last 2 should be done around the end of the month.

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  • Space Ghost

    Still not clear on the $10 per figure for skirmish …. anyone know what these figures are compatible with?

  • Necros

    The $10 figures are only the gang leaders that come with the extra weapon sprue. The weapons make it pretty much count as 2 figures as far as the casting company is concerned, so the costs were a lot higher.

    These 2 new figures will be single-piece sculpts and much cheaper. They will first be available as part of the Clancy Gang box set, which will include 1 gang leader with the optional weapon sprue plus 4 other single sculpts, along with a printed mini rulebook and 5 character stat cards. I’m hoping to have the whole set be $35 if all goes well. However, they probably won’t be available until around May if all goes well but could be as late as June.

    At first they will just be part of the box set but eventually I will probably have them available separately, along with a lot of other single figures too. I’m expecting the single figures to be more along the lines of $6-7, won’t know an exact price till I actually get them made though.

    As far as comparing the figures, I would say they’re a pretty close match to Malifaux, or Black Scorpion minis. They’re about 30mm tall to the eye, 34 to the top of the hat. About a half a head taller than most GW figs.

  • Orca

    Bandit is perfect for Necromunda, that pistol is too bigger!
    Anyway I like them for my Old West collection.