Blackwater Gulch doing great on Kickstarter

By Polar_Bear
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Mar 21st, 2012

Blackwater Gulch got funded in just 48 hours! But they’re not stopping yet and can still use your help. They’ve got some new stretch goals up that everyone should go and check out.

From the update:

I just wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone who has backed the game so far or anyone else who plans to in the future! I’m very excited to see this succeed in just 48 hours! But let’s not stop there! I’ve created some stretch goals for the project, which are:

STRETCH GOAL #1 – $6000 – If we can reach $6000, I’ll will be able to fund a third box set. This set will be The Bloodwolf Tribe, a Native American themed gang. Concept art for this gang is still in production, but I have one figure sketched out so far, on the Kickstarter Page

BONUS – If we make it to $6000, every backer who pledged $30 or more will recieve specially made, custom Sheriff Dice at the rate of 1 D6 per $1500 generated. So, that will be 4 dice to start with, and the more we can make the more you will get! These dice are ONLY being created for this Kickstarter campaign and will never, ever be available ever again. These dice will be 16mm with a 6-pointed sheriff start on the #6 side.

STRETCH GOAL #2 – $9000 – If we can reach this goal, we will be able to fund a fourth box set. This set will be The Bandidos Mexicanos, a Mexican themed gang. Concept art will be produced and I’ll add images as soon as I have them. Expect to see plenty of criss-crossing bullet belts, federales, machetes and sombreros!

BONUS: If we make it to $9000, every backer who pledged $30 or more will receive The Norwegian for FREE. This Hired Gun can be added to any gang, and will have stats similar to a gang leader, with unique weapons not available to normal characters in the game. Sculpted & designed by Pedro Ramos, The Norwegian is based on a character from the AMC show “Hell on Wheels”. This model will be available for sale later, however he’s being offered free to Kickstarter backers. He’ll be available probably around the same time as the Vigilance Committee figures.

Thank you again for your support! I can’t wait to see how far we can take this and start bringing you all the best Wild West figures around!

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  • Nightbee

    Looks like we got dice and indians already!

  • Tintin

    Yeah, this project is great, and will make our pledges today. Cant wait to see what this leads to.

  • Necros

    Thanks so much folks! This whole campaign isn’t even a week old yet… !

    I’m hoping to have the rest of the concept art in the next couple of days. I also have another artist who will be starting on the concepts for the Mexican gang in the beginning of April, so I won’t have pics for them until the end of next week if not the beginning of the following. Also waiting on a sample pic of the sheriff dice from the manufacturer, hopefully they’ll send me that soon. I’ll probably have to get them without the word “sheriff” in the middle of the star, when I shrunk it down and printed it out, the letters were barely readable. but we’ll see how it goes.

    Since the terrain/building kits are a more limited thing, and the $90 level with the kits was sold out, I made a new $90 backing level where you just get 3 starter sets, instead of 2 sets + 2 buildings.

    This whole Kickstarter thing just amazes me. Not my campaign but all the gaming projects on there.. I think it’s really the beginning of a new future for the gaming industry. There’s some really cool projects out there getting funded way beyond their goals.

  • Nightbee

    I think the addition of stretch goals and bonuses has made it a much more attractive campaign.

    Sorry to see the $125 set sell out, a friend really wanted it but was too slow on the draw.

  • Necros

    Well if it looks like i’m real close to the next goal I’ll add a new level for $120 for all 4 starters, so tell him to keep checking since some people might change to the new one. When I added the new $90 one, a couple of people changed, but then those open slots in the terrain one got snatched back up by other folks 🙂

  • Orca

    Love The Swede, this project is great. Congrats Necros!

  • Brodee

    First I have heard of the project so I dropped a little in the bucket today. I would love to see a good western miniature skirmish game.

    The dice without the word Sheriff in the symbol is probably best anywho.


  • Veritas

    If I were to pledge $90 to get the three starters would I be able to add $30 to my pledge later on if the next stretch goal was met and switch to the 4 starter reward?

    • Nightbee

      I think you can switrch to a higher level at any time, assuming there’s room in that “group.”

  • Necros

    When I get closer to the next goal I’ll make a “$120 for all 4” level, so you can back now, and then switch to that later if you prefer. I think also though, you can just stay where you’re at and just add extra money to your pledge, without switching the level you picked already. I’m not sure exactly how it works on the customer side to be honest, but I know of at least a few people that added a few extra bucks to their pledge after the fact to cover shipping.

    and fyi going over the shipping stuff now so I’m going to post a faq about it when I get it all ironed out. Trying to figure out what each level will cost to ship in the US and overseas.