Blackball Games, Inc releases The Elder Thing

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Dec 1st, 2011

Blackball Games, Inc is proud to announce the release of the Elder Thing, the next “Book of Fragments” miniature – now on sale in the Blackball Games Store:

From their announcement:

Alien beings from beyond the stars, the Elder Things are thought to be responsible for much of the life now present on Earth. Those that remain after billions of years of isolation can be found deep in the ocean depths or frozen in the Antarctic wastes, ready to awaken and once again claim their place as the masters of this planet.

The Elder Thing is a multi-piece metal miniature standing over 40mm in height and is suitable for any roleplaying game or miniatures wargaming. This classic Lovecraftian creature was sculpted and conceptualized by Aragorn Marks and painted by Jessica Rich.

The “Book of Fragments” miniatures line is a collection of horrors, monsters, minions, and cultists for the tabletop. Drawn from mythos and nightmare, and re-conceived by top artists and visionaries in the industry “Book of Fragments” monstrosities break new ground and shatter expectations.

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  • supervike

    That’s very nice and Lovecrafty!

  • mathieu

    I have a hard time believing this is a sculpt by Aragorn Marks. While I really don’t like the way he does humans, he’s usually very good at monsters… And I can’t say I think this one is any close to “very good” to me.

  • KelRiever

    Hmmn, well, it is an attempt at a Lovecraft monster, and the Eldar thing was generally made to challenge the imagination, if you ever read At The Mountains Of Madness. I agree in that lovecraft monsters don’t necessarily lend themselves well to actual physical sculpting, and a lot is generally best left to the imagination. But as an attempt at it, I’d say it is a pretty good one.

  • I can assure you that the concept art and sculpt for this piece were done by Aragorn.

    • mathieu

      I don’t doubt the word of Blackball, it’s just odd to me that one of his sculpts would be so coarsely detailed. The wings are particularly bad, they look like some very old Citadel or Ral Partha stuff.

      And, to answer KelRiever, I don’t have a problem with the general design of it. It goes a bit all over the place but it really isn’t what bothers me about this model.

      (insert “in my opinion” wherever grammatically correct in every sentence)