Black Library Digital now live

The Black Library is now accepting pre-orders for the first new releases in their Black Library Digital series.

From their announcement:

A couple of weeks ago we announced that we would be giving away free eBooks every Friday this month. Since then we have made First & Only, Nightbringer and the first issue of Hammer & Bolter available to download … and they have been downloaded over 25 thousand times.

Today we made our new digital system live with the first few digital products available to preorder. You can now preorder Wulfrik, Dead Men Walking and the audio drama Garro : Oath of Moment as either physical edition, or to download from November 19th as digital editions. 

Not satisfied with that we have also made available for download the entire first CD of Horus Rising the abridged audio book. Yes, a full CD of the audio book edition of our most popular title ever is now available to download, for free. Just visit the page, right/ctrl click the link and save the file to your computer for your enjoyment.