Black Hat buys Cobalt-1

Black Hat Miniatures have purchased the Cobalt-1 sci-fi range and rules.

From their announcement:

I am very pleased to announce that we have bought the rights to the 28mm SF range Cobalt-1 from Bob Naismith. This includes all the existing figures, 20 new greens and the Cobalt-1 and Cobalt-2 rulebooks.

Bob is delivering the moulds, etc next week and I imagine it will take a few weeks to look through everything, work out which codes need production moulds (where only Master moulds exist) and sort out packaging, photos, etc.

I expect to start re-releasing the range in January and hope to have the unreleased greens into production in time for the Salute Show in April 2011.

We will be combining Cobalt-1 and Cobalt-2 into one new, revised rulebook and publishing it as both hardcopy and a PDF. There will be a call for playtesters for the system at some point early next year.

We will also be working with Bob to extend the range over the next few years.

Many thanks