Black Army preview The Great Adamski

Black Army Productions have posted a preview of their upcoming miniature The Great Adamski a Pulp ventriloquist with multiple dolls.

From their announcement:

Adamski is a freelance operator in both public and private life. He is generally considered to be one of the most reliable, discreet operators “in the business,” and he has allies throughot organized crime, worldwide, though he is not strongly associated with any of them. As a mid-level night club/vaudeville star, Adamski has friends and allies in many elite circles, including the circles that run Shanghai itself. He is a favorite of many Chinese warlords, movie stars, and businessmen alike. Chiang Kai Shek is reputedly a big fan…

Concept by yours truly. Hard work by Brian Cooke. Note that the puppets are designed to be removable and interchangeable. The plan is to do more puppets, over time.