Beyond the Mechadrome

By Polar_Bear
In Crowdfunding
Mar 20th, 2014

Gangfight Games has launched their Kickstarter campaign for Mechadrome, their sci-fi skirmish game of mech-on-mech action.


From the campaign:

Hundreds of years from now, the greatest sport the galaxy has ever known will explode on your screens as everyone watches their favorite teams of giant Mechs beating each other to scrap. Mechadrome is a 15mm scale “Mech Combat Gladiator Arena Skirmish Game” set in the far future where man and alien races have come together, forming teams that do battle in arenas set in abandoned, war-torn cities and industrial zones. The game is simple, fast and fun, and the Mech models we hope to create with this Kickstarter campaign offer a wide variety of customization. The pieces are universal and can easily be glued to any Mech for lethal combinations of cannons, pistols, missile pods, and devastating melee weapons like jackhammers, buzzsaws and siege drills.

We have a lot of cool stuff lined up, so feel free to head over to our Kickstarter page and check it out!

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  • Grim6

    Hmm… $100 for 10 minis… I think that’s an improvement – if I remember correctly, it started as $100 for 6 minis. Still not a good enough value for me to jump in though.

  • Necros

    Technically, the $100 pledge is 8 regular sized mechs and 2 ogre sized mechs for $80, because a $20 rulebook is also included 🙂 The prices were a little crazy at first, but now it’s more in like with other low model count skirmish games IMO. I wish metal wasn’t so expensive nowadays

    • Soulfinger

      I think the prices are pretty reasonable. It’s like $10 on Amazon for a Cannibal Corpse or Mastadon album.

      • KelRiever

        I really hate that I know waht you are talking about sometimes.

        One day, if we both end up gaming while we’re 80 years old, we’ll probably have to actually travel the distance to play anyone who knows what the hell we are doing. I’ll have stopped complaining about driving 1 1/2 hours to a gaming store by then, and packing my still gas running car up for a multi-day trip just to get thoroughly trounced in a game with painted figures will look good.

        You’ll see me coming, the car laden in the back with a ton of still metal miniatures, coughing up smoke as it travels 20 mph in the slow lane. I’ll be weaving back and forth due to lack of muscle control, and will have to double back several times from missing roadsigns due to bad eyesight.

        With luck, that’s how I’ll go; on the road, travelling to a game, with my life’s pile of miniatures stuffed into every available cargo space. Maybe a GenCon 2007 T-shirt worn as a bib.

        • Soulfinger

          I’m fortunate to have a heterosexual life-mate who I can count on gaming with as an old man. Actually, we just had a conversation about how the police will find him at that age, rotten and half-eaten by cats, having finally put brush to lead on one of those awful Khorne Berserkers from the 90s, the last model he will ever paint. Me, I’ll probably die long before then in a failed assassination attempt on Lauren Faust, as I try to save the world in some Terminator/Furry sort of scenario, killed by the terminator that traveled back in time but forgot to steal someone’s clothing — awkward!

          You, I’d like to game with before then. I hope that there is a convention sometime where a few of us can meet up, or I’m in Southern Indiana if that’s not too much further of a drive than your local game store. Maybe I’ll run a con — SoulCoN . . . which would be really confusing and probably end up with lots of people wanting to play Redemption and DragonRaiders. FINGERCON! That has a better ring to it and a very obvious logo. Then again, I’m an hour and a half away from Indianapolis.

          • Soulfinger

            Oooh, and my con would have a challenge for people to get in the door. “What’s in the box!?” You have to answer correctly to enter.

          • Major_Gilbear

            I imagine a very similar scenario this at the entrance to FINGERCON:


          • Soulfinger
          • KelRiever

            I’m going to say ‘Confetti’ even though it is the wrong answer.

            If you do Fingercon, I will be there with my fingers and the rest of me. That will have to wait, however, until my non-Broni son comes of age to be a gamer with his dad. Either that or make sure I don’t get in trouble.

            It doesn’t matter what games are there as long as they are beardy. Right now, 2nd edition 40k is being played by our group. That was preceeded by a Full Thrust campaign, a Confrontation campaign and an Infinity campaign. Somehwere along the way we also have played Spinespur, Bloodbowl, um, with one friend WarGods…oh I can’t forget Warhammer Fantasy which apparently nobody plays any longer, there’s also Warmachine though that involves a lot of suffering…stuff like that.

          • Soulfinger

            I kinda wasn’t serious to begin with, now I kinda am. It would definitely be a family friendly con, because really, isn’t that what’s missing? I could rent out the meeting rooms at a children’s museum, assuming they’d allow an open bar during regular business hours. You play games while your kids go nuts playing, and then we all make it all up to our wives afterwards at a big dinner party where nobody is allowed to talk about gaming and everyone with a beard gets shaved. Actually, “The Shaving of the Beards” would be better for kicking things off. Also, everyone gets a clean shirt an a stick of deodorant at the door.

          • If you do that, I’ll grow a beard and fly in. On a plane.