Beyond the Gates of Antares – the rule system

Warlord Games has an article up where Rick Priestley talks about the rules set for Beyond the Gates of Antares.


From the article:

Rick Priestley tells us more about Warlord’s forthcoming science-fiction project Beyond the Gates of Antares:

For this update on the Beyond the Gates of Antares game I’m going to talk a little bit about the game system. Don’t worry though, we do have plenty more models on their way – and we’ll be showing you some of those in next weeks newsletter. This time round I thought I’d just outline what I’ve been up to with the game system itself. It’s still a work-in-progress, especially in terms of detail, but by-and-large we’ve hammered out the core rules. Our aim is to publish a playable version online in a few months time, when everyone will get to have a go and volunteer their input via our forums.

  • Marauder

    Okay, so its Bolt Action juiced up a bit. Will be interesting to see how the different races are distinguished – and what kind of sci-fi flavour will be added to it.


  • blackfang

    Ricky is moving up in the world, he made his name with a sci-fi game that was really fantasy battles with lasers tacked on, now he’s moving on to a sci-fi game that’s really WW2 with lasers tacked on!

  • Gallant

    So his Kickstarter needed half a million dollars for this?