Betrayers released at The Ion Age

The Ion Age doesn’t betray our trust with the release of their new Betrayers set.

AIAF03 The Betrayers set


From the release:

AIAF003 The Betrayers
The last of our original archive codes is now re-molded and re-released. Added to the 15mm Shia Khan Army these Humans who have sided with the alien enemy are excellent for Ion Age and many other uses too. Not bad for designs more than twenty years old eh! This pack contains six 15mm scale white metal miniatures including Betrayers firing and kneeling and a special two man miniature carrying a box or crate between them. As always this code can be bought as a pack or as single miniatures or select the three packs and save 10% option on the page.

The Khanate Empire does not kill. That is to say it does not kill once it conquers. What it conquers it occupies and converts. Through a process of mental manipulation and cybernetic implants the Human population of taken cities and regions are turned into loyal troops of the Empire. Named Betrayers by those free minded Humans that they now fight against they are armed with a mix of scavenged, adapted and supplied weapons and equipment. Betrayers are totally expendable and rank alongside the Maligs as cannon fodder. Planetary Militia and The Muster often encounter Betrayers and trying to reason with them is hopeless. This is an archive code.

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