Bearded Brave BattleLore expansion is on sale now

Fantasy Flight Games and its retailers are now selling copies of the Bearded Brave expansion for BattleLore.

From their website:

The furious growls that pierces the sky could be one of two things: bagpipes or bears. Either of the two could only mean one thing…

The Iron Dwarves are on the march.

The latest expansion for BattleLore is now on sale! Bearded Brave is currently available at your local retailer as well as on our webstore. Be sure to pick up your copy today so these stalwart companions will grace your side of the battlefield in the coming fight.

Bearded Brave comes with six different types of Iron Dwarf units, each with their own miniatures and reference cards to be used when fielding them in battle. From Bear Riders to Mighty Bolt Throwers, these Dwarves can either bolster your forces in pre-made adventures or can be recruited into your custom armies using the BattleLore: Call to Arms expansion.