Baueda release Heavy Artillery desert bases

Baueda have released a set of 15mm Heavy Artillery desert bases.

Heavy Artillery desert bases

From their website:

The most complete and accurate range of 15mm WWII scenics ever just keep growing as we released the eagerly awaited Heavy Artillery desert bases. These models are very detailed and accurate reproductions, perfect also to use as hull down markers these are the typical entrenchments built in North Africa using local stone that was so effective both as protection and as camouflage, making these positions as hard to see as to defeat. Cast in tough polyurethane resin and designed from period picture of the real thing, these two bases are each the same size of a large FoW base and will provide you with a very realistic gun emplacement that is perfectly compatible with Flames of War rules. Keep an eye on the CAMA range main page for an up-to-date snapshot of new models on the way.