Battletech is Returning to PC In Turn-Based Battle Game

By Polar_Bear
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Jul 30th, 2015
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Harebrained Schemes has announced their new project that they are going to be bringing to Kickstarter. It’s one that certainly I’m interested in. I spent many, many hours playing Mechwarrior 2 when I was younger. Some songs I listen to now, I still think back to those days, since I listened to them a lot while playing. Now, Battletech is back in a new turn-based battle game. I can’t wait!

As I mentioned above, the game will be turn-based strategy. It will have an open-ended campaign that focuses on the famous (or infamous, if you wish) Mercenaries that the Battletech setting is known for. It’s a bit RPG. It’s a bit Resource Management (mechs get busted, after all). It’s a little bit country. It’s a little bit rock and roll.

I’ll be having an interview with Harebrained while here at the show. So stay tuned for more details as they come.


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    But… any capacity to play vs another player?