Battlespace digital table top gaming magazine launched

A new digital magazine called Battlespace has been launched.

Batttlespace Feb/Mar 2011

From their announcement:

A new digital magazine for strategy gamers launched in early February.

Battlespace magazine includes news, features, interviews and battle reports for table top gaming as well as information on digital strategy gaming, card games and board games.

The free-to-read Feb/Mar 2011 issue features a Flames of War battle report, new independent gaming system releases, a preview of Shogun 2: Total War, a sculpture feature with Olley’s Armies, game design interview with Martin Wallace and more.

The magazine can be viewed by visiting

The magazine is open to the gaming community for feature and battle report submissions for all gaming systems.

  • Toqtamish

    So far really like what I have read. I enjoyed the state of play article.

  • joechummer

    Er, is it kosher for them to use the name Battlespace? Last I checked, “BattleSpace” was a registered trademark of FASA, which fell under the BattleTech IP, which is currently owned by Topps…

    • Osbad

      And already with the IP police…. 😉

      Whether it is or it isn’t is up to Battletech to find out and for Battletech to police surely..

      I’m off to d/l and read it now.

    • Zac

      Er, is it kosher for them to use the name Battlespace?

      Who knows. A question best left to a legal expert really.

  • ScoutII

    Currently there are 3 Battlespace registered marks – none of them would conflict with this.

    Even if the mark was still being maintained (which is seems it is not) – it would not make it illegal or even improper for this Battlespace to use the term. Since this is not a rules set, there wouldn’t be a conflict. Since battlespace has been a military term for theater of operations – there is no uniqueness to the term either.

    Trademarks are narrow in scope, that is why you can have the same name used by different companies all selling different products. You also must be much closer (generally speaking) than just the same words. If they used the same font and colors as the original BattleSpace (which is no longer maintained) then they might be able to push the issue to some extent – but it does not.

    So, by almost every measure – this is Kosher and welcome as well.

    Good luck guys.