BattleScribe Pro Half Price Sale

BattleScribe rings in the new year with a sale. They want you to be able to track your collections, create armies, and compare stats with their product, and they’re taking half off the price in order to help out. Just head over to their website and get yourself a copy.
But you’d better hurry. The sale ends on Wednesday.


From the announcement:

To usher in 2015, BattleScribe Pro is on sale: half price!

You have until 23:59:59 GMT on Wednesday January 7th to pick up a copy on the cheap. You can get a desktop key from the BattleScribe store, or the mobile versions from Google Play, iTunes or the Amazon app store.

Happy new year!

  • Sisyphus

    I can wholeheartedly salute the efforts of the Battlescribe group. As one who has bought a CD copy of ArmyBuilder v2 (lost the cd in a move), re-bought the v3 key, moved to a mac but can’t seem to transfer the key to another OS (sent mails, no reply) … well, I finally gave up on ArmyBuilder.

    But… BattleScribe looks like something from Win95 days. Can we spruce up the layout and make it looks more modern?

  • Jonskichov

    At least it’s not a horrible blue marble texture 😉

    You’re right though. I’ve done a few experiments in a rewritten UI, but nothing concrete yet. I’ll get to it sooner or later though 🙂