BattleScribe 1.13.10 Released

By Polar_Bear
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Oct 9th, 2013

BattleScribe updated their software and how supports Dropbox (I love that program) integration for your rules and stats.


From the update:

The latest version of BattleScribe (an army list creator for Android, iOS, PC and Mac) has just been released for desktop computers and Android devices!

Do you use Dropbox? Well this update is for you…

BattleScribe now supports Dropbox file synchronization on desktop and Android. This means that your computer and Android devices can share the same data files and rosters – changes to your rosters or data files will be automatically synced across all the computers and Android devices that you have. Your latest rosters will be with you wherever you go – it’ll even sync your list of repositories!

Of course there’s also the usual round of tweeks and bug fixes, so make sure you’re up to date, even if you’re not a Dropbox user.

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  • cybogoblin

    Having Dropbox integration is great, but since the update the app has been sluggish as hell on my Android phone, and trying to unlink from Dropbox downloads your files off the site, adding a ‘z’ to the end of each of the filenames as it does so, making the app unusable.


    • Jonskichov

      Hi cybogoblin – I replied to your post further down. I’d be grateful if you could help me reproduce your problem so I can fix it 🙂

  • 4tonmantis

    On my tablet when I try to click the link to “open with” it just opens the link and shows me a screen full of xml.

  • Jonskichov

    @cybogoblin I’m aware there’s been a performance issue 🙁 Are you using a Samsung phone? So far seems like it might be specific to them. I’m looking into it right now and hope to have a fix out today 🙂

    FYI the “z” files are the same as the old “” files, just with a different file extension (it’s been changed to help improve sharing on Android – long story…). The app should be fine with these files – if not, that’s a bug!

    Can you describe what you mean by unusable? Is the app not opening the files? (you can email me at jon [dot] taylor [at] battlescribe [dot] net if you like).

    Thanks for the feedback!

    • 4tonmantis

      I sent you an e-mail about the link not behaving on my Samsung. Hopefully there’s a workaround..

    • cybogoblin

      Hey Jon, thanks for responding here. I’m using an HTC Sensation and can open the app fine, but as soon as I do, it pops up with:

      Error checking rosters: At line 1, column 2: not well-formed (invalid token)

      I get a similar error when I try creating a new roster.

      If I rename the files to remove the ‘z’ from the filename, will they still work? Or do they need the ‘z’ for the app to read them correctly?

      If there’s an update coming, I might just uninstall the app and reinstall from scratch. Shouldn’t be too hard to redownload my depositories.

      • Jonskichov

        Hmm that indicates that one or more files is somehow corrupted. Removing the “z” might work in the case that the file has the wrong extension (i.e. it’s labelled as a zipped file (catz/gstz), but it’s not actually zipped…), but I doubt that’s the case.

        You can go to “Manage Data”, go to the menu, and delete all data (this won’t delete your rosters). Refresh your data to get the files anew and hopefully your problem is solved 🙂

        Otherwise, it may be a broken roster file. In which case you might have to go through each roster deleting them until you find the right one… Which is a bit crap I know 🙁

        • cybogoblin

          I ended up deleting the data files and reinstalling the app (just in case) and that seemed to work. I deleted the rosters as well, but that’s no biggie.

          Thanks again for the help.

  • Jonskichov

    4tonmantis’ issue is related to the web browser on Samsung devices (I think it’s a bug on their end…). There is a workaround: If you see a screen of XML/gibberish when clicking a data link, use the browser’s share function and select BattleScribe to open the link.

    Also a performance problem in 1.13.10 is now resolved and you should get an update from the Play store soon 🙂

    • 4tonmantis

      Using the Manage Data feature I was able to gain access to the program. I’ll have to really get into it now!
      I love that the list seems to have integrated the FAQ and ERRATA data.
      I’ll have to browse later and see the other game systems, hoping there are files for Warpath and/or Deadzone and some of the old GW Specialist systems.

      As far as GW goes.. It would be nice if some of the more obscure things had a reference to their source so we can buy the originating document.. I guess it’s just a search away though.

      Thanks so much for having a free version. When my wallet has recovered from Bones II I will throw in for the pro version 😉

      • cybogoblin

        There is a Warpath file out there, but haven’t seen one for Deadzone.

        I put a fairly basic one together for Warzone Resurrection and Carnevale, but the first needs a few fixes and the other is awaiting official approval before I make it public.

      • Jonskichov

        All the data is made by amazing community members – BattleScribe would be nothing without their efforts 🙂

        Stuff like references to book pages, stat lines, rule descriptions etc. are all contained in the files, so it really depends on whether the author has entered this stuff.

        The editors for the data files come with the desktop version, and they’re pretty easy to use if you ever fancy creating your own data or editing existing ones.

        Enjoy 🙂

    • Jonskichov

      I’ve updated the help documentation to cover this issue:

      It appears to be related to some web browsers on some devices (particularly Samsung and HTC). I don’t think it’s something I can fix.