BattleGateGames Releases Ultimate Showdown Box for BallisticAces

Been thinking about getting into BallisticAces, but not quite sure where to start? BattleGateGames has you covered with their new Ultimate Showdown box, now available over in their webshop.

This set is everything you need to get going with BallisticAces. And by that, I mean they pretty much have everything inside. Different tank minis to pick from? Check. Rules sheets? Check. Dice? Check. How about terrain? That’s another check.

Pick up your copy today.


  • DB

    I keep looking at their stuff, and I really don’t know if this is a good price or not. 1/72 is a very odd choice of scale. A lot of models come in it, as do buildings. Any hobby shop should have stuff to add to your collection, as well as infantry. It’s fairly cheap and readily available. There are also some fantastic (and expensive) prepainted/diecast vehicles out.

    I just don’t know who games in 1/72, despite all that. I would guess older WWII gamers, but most of the younger set would be using FoW or Bolt Action. Would they want that assortment of different era’s tanks?

    I wish them luck, but I am skeptical this will do well.

    • Boomer Adama

      I have no interest in any of these, but I actually do use 1/72 vehicles with my 28/32mm minis (whatever warlord scale is). Their actual vehicles are a bit too large for the usual battlefields — even when we use their recommended size, and we actually use larger tables. The slight smaller tanks actually gives them more breathing space and maneuver capability, even if it’s just an inch or two. At tabletop distances, the scale difference is not a big deal.

      • DB

        For WWII, that makes a lot of sense and is a very good idea, since hobby kits for armor are cheap and plentiful. You don’t have to wait for Warlord Games (for instance) to make a model.

        I’m not sure what they’re doing with this, though. It’s an interesting idea…massed tank battles on the cheap(ish). It’s just a bit of a mess all ’round.

        1/72 WWI tank battles would be interesting.

  • Wayne Peacock

    The game seems to be all over the place thematically. The poor editing makes this worse.