Battlegames issue 24 on the presses

Issue 24 of Battlegames Magazine has been sent to the printers.

From their website:

With Christmas coming and the geese are getting fat, and I know that you want Battlegames to land on your doormat… Okay, enough bad poetry for one day, but the fact of the matter is that your Editor has laboured long into the night to ensure that you’ll get a helping of your favourite wargaming fare in time to sit with your feet up, a pile of mince pies and the beverage of your choice.

So, what will be waiting for you behind that scarlet cover this time?

Tiles of a wargames widow
Yes, the pun is deliberate — Diane Sutherland describes the epic task of making dozens of terrain squares for her and husband Jon’s new wargames holiday centre in Crete.

Battle games forever
Another sad loss this year was Terry Wise. His good friends Stuart Asquith and Steve Dungworth have written tributes to this much-loved doyen of the hobby, together with additional comments from Tim Beresford and Richard Baber.

Run on the bank or “A bridge too far?”
Rounding off his current batch of Teasers, Charles Grant delivers a stunning game that will provide plenty of entertainment as opposing forces rush to grab bridges across a raging river.

Warhammer the 8th I am
Games Workshop released their massive update to these well-known fantasy rules this summer, so we sent Roger Smith into the field to test the latest edition and assess the changes.

Basic Impetus for Lord of the Rings
Canadian contributor Bob Barnetson submits a fascinating adaptation of the popular Italian ruleset, making use of cheap 1/72 plastics to ensure that Middle Earth gaming needn’t cost a dragon’s hoard. To help with the article, you can download the free Basic Impetus rules in English from Dadi e Piombo here.

The new wargaming
A new contributor to Battlegames, veteran wargamer Keith Flint takes a long, hard look at the commercial tendencies in modern wargaming and asks us to think hard about how we respond to marketing messages.

Historicon 2010
We don’t generally carry show reports, but Chris Scott, together with photographer Richard Ellis, tells us all about this major annual convention and assesses the differences between British and American gaming events.

Manzikert 1071
Daniel Johnson has shown his mettle previously, and now he brings us this super ancients scenario, a massive clash between Byzantium and the Seljuks. Colourful stuff.

And of course we have Mike Siggins’ Forward Observer with his take on the latest products and services, including his new “On the radar” list of things to watch out for, as well as a veritable host of in-depth reviews in Recce, and our Diary of Events.
Finally, we have some really exciting news about our Combat Stress Appeal. As promised, Gripping Beast have now been able to cast up initial batches of our Combat Stress Commemorative Miniatures and the first of these are available for purchase right here, right now.