Battlefront posts Preview Of The Plastic Armored Rifle Platoon

By Polar_Bear
In Historical
Apr 4th, 2014

Battlefront is giving us a look inside their upcoming plastic Armored Rifle Platoon for Flames of War in this new article.


From the post:

Armored Rifle Platoons have more weaponry than any other infantry platoon during the war. As well as two .50 cal and five .30 cal machine-guns, they have a 60mm mortar and five bazookas, rifles, carbines and submachine-guns. These elite troops will soon be joining the ranks to the Flames Of War plastic miniatures range.

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  • guges

    Not single BAR amongst the plastic troops and they didn’t include the awesome standing .30 plastic from the Open Fire box. This set is fail…

  • OneBadMonkee

    guges, those are armored infantry, that’s why there are no BARs. And the Americans in the Open Fire! box are paras. The awesomeness of that single .30 pose is a matter of personal taste.
    So I don’t see why this set is fail…