Battlefront gives us a look into the design of Tour of Duty in their latest post

Battlefront tells a bit about the upcoming Tour of Duty Vietnam War minis game in this Design Diary post.

From the post:

Four years ago I knew about as much about the Vietnam War as the next wargamer (so a bit more than the average population, but not much more). Tour Of Duty, Battlefront’s latest project, is my third visit to this fascinating war, and signals an escalation in both the status of Vietnam in Flames Of War and in the war itself. What started out as a minor side project has now become a core part of Battlefront’s range with a wide variety of forces awaiting you on the field of battle.

  • cama

    Get some! Get some!

  • Sisyphus

    I’m happy to see some new models coming out for Vietnam. I still think Flashpoint Miniatures makes the best 15/18mm Vietnam human figures and more unusual stuff but I might get a little BF stuff for variety. Also some of the tanks look nice.

    That said… tank battles in Vietnam? Extremely rare…. also I should include a shameless plug for “Charlie Don’t Surf” by Toofatlardies. Best Vietnam rules bar none. They’re company level too.

    • cama

      I have a picture signed by Rene Yater with the Air Cav board. That’s as cool as it gets, kids.

  • Wondering if we will ever see any Middle East conflicts, or Cold War possibly?