Battlefront gives another preview of Open Fire for Flames of War

By Polar_Bear
In Historical
Aug 30th, 2012

Battlefront gives us another look at the upcoming Open Fire book for Flames of War. This time it’s infantry.

From the preview:

Over eighteen months ago we decided that we wanted the third edition to be a new milestone for the game, not just a more graphical and polished set of rules. We wanted to create the ultimate starter set for Flames Of War. With this lofty goal in mind, and the new technology of plastics to learn, we started down the path to Open Fire! In this week’s Open Fire Preview, we reveal some of the infantry including the first look at the American Paratroopers.

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  • Stu

    Nice plastics! Might get me away from Dystopian Wars and back into a bit of Flames of War.

  • WiznardofOd

    Those are looking great.

    The frame appears to contain no doubles. Maybe someone could confirm for my tired old eyes.

    It would be nice if they showed a comparison with their existing Airborne.

    Really glad BF is finally making the move to plastic, not that they had much choice (PSC, Zvezda, WF). Even better is the move to big GW style starter sets.

    Can’t wait for Open Fire!


  • Dewbakuk

    The rumour is the plastics will only be in the starter set and Battlefront won’t be moving over for the general range. The sprue picture potentially backs that up as it’s a mix of Germans and Americans on the same sprue, not something they would sell seperately.

  • WiznardofOd

    Dewbakuk I think your right.

    Well I’m feeling a little deflated. I guess they are copying the GW model.

    Maybe someone could explain the thinking behind this. Why would they not want to sell the sprues separately?


  • Dewbakuk

    No idea. If it had been me, I’d have at least split the figures so one half of the sprue was German and the other half American rather than this odd intermingled setup. That way you could sell half sprues as it’s no issue to have a fold point in the sprue. These look really nice, it seems to me it’d be a no brainer to produce a sprue of ‘standard’ troops for each army at least. Apparently not though.