Battlefront features the Grenadier Company for Flames of War

By Polar_Bear
In Historical
Jun 27th, 2014

Battlefront shows off the Grenadier Company for Flames of War in this particular article.

Grenadier Company


From the post:

A Grenadierkompanie is the finest infantry force you can command. The troops are all experienced veterans and they are backed by the best weapons that the German army can provide, from StuG assault guns to the feared Tiger, your Grenadierkompanie will never be out-gunned or out-classed.

Attach machine-guns and anti-tank guns to Grenadier platoons forming strongpoints to anchor your defensive position. Keep other Grenadier platoons in reserve as a counterattack force to recover any strongpoints lost to the enemy.

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  • guges

    Too bad they can’t release the Pershings on time.
    Or say when they will get released.
    Or release their houses on time.
    Or send shipments with the proper items.
    Or ship orders when they say they will.
    Or send you products that have all the right parts.
    Or release a product and actually produce it in their factory so you can get your hands on one…

    Glad they’re giving us previews… lotta help they do when we won’t be able to actually get the models…

  • Gallant

    Seriously? Guges, this industry is full of flakes, but Battlefront is one of the best about delivering the product. Go piss on a Kickstarter.

    • guges

      Is that why I have had to contact them about a dozen times for missing parts in my products? It’s about one in six products I’ve bought from them having problems.
      Is that why they’re eight months behind schedule on delivering the houses people pre-paid for?
      Is that why they shipped my Vietnam models a month an a half later than they said they would during their Vietnam sale?
      Is that why they released Vietnam rules and didn’t have models available to play it for six months?
      Is that why they did the same with Arab Israeli Wars?

      Because their one of the best about delivering their product?

      If that’s one of the best, then why do other companies I buy models from not have these problems… ever?

      • I think the problem is that you keep buying over and over again from a company you are complaining about.