Battlefront features new T-34 Batalion web bundle

By Polar_Bear
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Dec 19th, 2013

Battlefront is featuring their new t-34 web bundle over on their website.


From the article:

We’ve just made it easier to field an all-plastic T-34 Batalion consisting of twenty one plastic T-34s.

The T-34 Batalion (Web Bundle) is available for pre-order via the online store and will dispatch from our warehouse in the New Year. If you have already purchased some of the new plastic T-34 Company box sets and need an extra tank for the Company Commander, we’ve added the Hull / Turret sprues (includes three rare earth magnets) and the Track / Accessory sprues to the Special Order range.

This Direct Only offer contains:

? four T-34 Tankovy Company box sets each containing five plastic T-34 hulls, five sets of plastic tracks, five plastic T-34/76 turrets; five T-34/85 turrets. five Tank Commanders, fifteen Rare earth magnets & one Soviet decal sheet.

? one additional plastic T-34 hull, one additional plastic T-34/76 turret, one additional plastic T-34/85 turret, one additional set of plastic tracks & three additional Rare earth magnets.

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  • Seems crazy expensive to me for plastics. 20 tanks for $189. Maybe I am just used to 1980 prices.

    I would love to know how much it actually costs to produce a spruce. Maybe it has something to do with the rare earth magnets, even though they don’t seem that rare. 🙂

  • Haibane

    I’d always heard that the cost of creating the mold for injection plastics was very high, even though running and material costs were pretty low.

    • We’ve been looking at quotes of around $20~22k for the mold of a 5 man + Bitz sprue, not counting the sculpting costs & any ‘fixing’ costs if there is an issue with said sculpt.

      Cost per sprue was like $0.65 though… then the freight cost to to get it shipped from the UK or China.

  • Chameleon

    $9 per seems pretty reasonable, all things considered. I was paying about the same for Fujimi 1/76 kits in the mid/late 80’s.

  • Yeah I have heard that plastic injections cost more, but I am not sure I buy it. Sure if you are investing in the machinery to do the whole process, then yes it does cost quite a bit, but even with that price is falling.

    There are plenty of Injection molding operations that only need the molds, so the cost is whatever their price is + the plastic (which is very low).