Battlefront features Biltz’s Battlegroup for Great War

Battlefront is featuring Biltz’s Battlegroup for Great War, their WWI miniatures game.

Biltzs Battlegroup


From the article:

Years of combat have made your infantry a tough fighting force. The cutting edge of your attack is the imposing A7V panzer and Stoss (shock) platoons. This tank is superior to British tanks in practically every way. Mass them against a weak point in the enemy line and use its overwhelming firepower to tear open a gap in Tommy’s trenches.

Stoss platoons are highly motivated and experienced trench-fighters. Nothing can stand up against their assault. Your Krupp infantry guns will help reduce enemy heavy machine-guns with high-explosive shells. Before the dust settles, move in and occupy the British trenches with your infantry and machine-guns. Once your troops are on the objective, they will be tough to dislodge!