Battlefoam releases Cool Mini Or Not bag

Battlefoam has a new foam bag for all your needs: The Cool Mini Or Not bag. Your minis aren’t cool unless they’re being carried around in this bag.

From the release:

The official Cool Mini Or Not Bag for Dark Age was designed with the Dark Age gamer in mind. The Dark Age logo is embroidered on a removeable patch that can be swaped out for future Cool Mini Or Not games. The velcro area on the front of the bag will allow for all types of patches allowing you to customize the Cool Mini Or Not bag however you like. There are several pockets designed to fit rule books, gaming aids, dice and other accessories. The Cool Mini Or Not logo is embroidered on the back showing off your support for this bag.

  • Soulfinger

    These would be perfect for transporting cocaine out of Columbia!!!

    • KelRiever

      You think that’s funny, huh? Just wait until its a miniature game.

      And then there will be a genre, called coke-punk…

      • Borzag

        The smart-ass in me looks forward to coke-punk, and eagerly waits for Mantic & CHS to bring out Pepsi-punk.

      • grimbergen

        I’ve heard many horror stories of gamers’ carry-on minitransport bags/cases getting inspected by TSA at airports when they can’t tell what the heck those are on the xray scanner. At best it causes a headache putting everything back, worst case the rough handling/rummaging ruins many hours of work on the minis.

        • Soulfinger

          Funny actually, because about fifteen years ago I went to Britain with a friend. Dorks that we are, our luggage was filled with lead miniatures from the GW stores — yes, multiple stores — that we visited (of course, there’s nothing quite like having a Scotsman berate you for inquiring after “that English crap”). Lining your luggage with lead is certainly not a good idea if you are running late for your flight, even back in those days of lax security. I imagine that nowadays you might as well pay the extra $5 for a colonoscopy while they’re doing the cavity search.

          . . . and now I actually do want a miniatures game about coke running. You could emulate all sorts of awesome effects with flour on the tabletop.

  • Nightbee

    I seriously thought that bag said “Dorkage” when I first looked at it. Might have to look into a custom job.

  • darkendlight

    This looks like one of their generic bags with a new removable label on it or did I miss something.

  • darkendlight

    I was kinda of hoping that the new “magnetic rail” system I have seen shots of on Beasts of War would be in this bag. Also I would think you would want a bag like the PP ones that have wheels so that you can stack multiple Cool Mini bags for events like Gencon.