Battlefield Berlin moving to a new location

Battlefield Berlin will be moving to a new location:

From their announcement:

We are moving to a new and larger store beginning of November. As we will be busy moving all the toys, our store will be closed for 2 weeks (05.-17-11-), the onlineshop will be closed for a couple of days too. Grand opening will be at 18.11.2011 in our funky new location in Berlin Kreuzberg.
Please make sure to update the adress for your next visit in Berlin! Check our webpage for details.

  • Zemlod

    Sounds like great news! In my experience one of the fastest/friendliest German Tabletop/Toys online stores.

    Have you noticed that there is a ban on mentioning the name of “Battlefield Berlin” on Brueckenkopf, the German Tabletop News Site? BB appears to have been declared anathema, even questions for the reason for the ban are apparently banned and will get deleted …

    Does anybody know the reason for this?

    Is it allowed to be discussed here? 😉

    • They chose a business model that compromised their editorial freedom.

      Shops can pay for the special service of being “partners” (currently 5 shops). Those partners pay for being pushed in articles (“available at…”) and for publishing their promotions on the site.
      Some of those partners are effectively forcing Brueckenkopf Online to suppress any mentioning of competing shops, or else… Pretty sad, really, that Dennis accepts this blackmail. I am sure there would be other solutions.

      I stopped contributing because I didn´t want to support shops which were disrespectful to the community.

      Still, it´s a good news site that complements TGN very nicely.

  • BattlefieldBerlin

    Hi, I dont visit the BK site, so dont know anything about this. I contributed to the BK magazine something like 6-7 years, emailed them regarding advertising about a year ago. They told me they are not accepting any more advertisers (3 by the time). As they added more advertisers I thought they don`t want us.

    With the larger store we will be able to hold more stock, so be able to compensate the difficult restock of some lines. I also have a couple of manufacturers I want to add, so many nice models around 🙂