Battle Systems updates their Shipping progress

By Polar_Bear
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Jul 18th, 2014

Battle Systems lets us know how things are progressing since the completion of their Kickstarter campaign.



From the update:

Well it’s been a very thumb twiddly time for you guys as you watch the ship travelling from port to port at between 20 – 25 mph. lol We’ve hardly had to look as you have been keeping everyone (including us) up to date with the progress. So thanks for all you navigators and radar operators :o)

Arrival dateā€¦

So all being good and well the ship should arrive in Felixstowe on the 27th July, not long now. It is about 1 day ahead of schedule, but we have no idea what that means or whether it loses a day in the final stretch, Phileas Fogg style. We have been told we will receive the stock at our distributors on 5th August after all the customs checks and signatures and we are planning to meet it there when it arrives.

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  • Soulfinger

    I am still waiting for the KS that is forced to announce:

    “We are sorry to say that our shipment from China was seized by pirates while rounding the ironically named ‘Cape of Good Hope.’ The good news is that we have received news from the Ethiopians involved that they are quite enjoying the game. Their captain, in fact, ranks it higher than the Settlers of Catan shipment that they had seized four years ago. They are providing invaluable play testing feedback, which we will use to improve the product while we wait for the insurance money to come through. Many of these suggestions do involve piracy, so expect a slight change in dynamics. We do apologize that all 10k units of the game were distributed in this way before the backers received their copies. The 200 units that were returned to us, along with the thumb of our corporate stooge, as part of hostage negotiations will be sold at GenCon. We ask that anyone visiting our booth please refrain from wearing an eye patch, hook-like prosthesis, tri-fold hat, or raggedy clothes paired with an AK-47, as we’ve all been a bit on edge throughout this ordeal.”

    • Nicolay

      Cape of Good Hope is actually rather far from Ethiopia and any pirate-infested waters. You may be thinking of the Horn of Africa.