Battle Systems previews their new Bunker terrain set

Battle Systems gives us a preview of their upcoming Bunkers set. Pictures are at the bottom of their webpage. Go and give them a look!

From the preview:

Thanks for all the interest shown. We have had so much positive feedback and thoses of you now building your sets and others have asked about the bunker set. It’s fully finished and we will be working hard on the tutorials to get this to you as soon as we can. Stay posted.

  • supervike

    My goodness, that is some nice looking terrain. It’s hard to believe it’s cardstock.

  • One word comes to mind.. SLICK!!

  • Sevej

    I’m curious… how do you make the buildings stay on place? I don’t see any anchoring mechanism.

    • Sevej

      Ah, just saw your videos. Interesting to see a product that’s designed for use with mounting board. What about 1mm/2mm thick board? (seems it’s specifically designed for 1.5mm ones)

      (I do think these vital features–mounting board and connectors–should be featured in the website instead of the video, connection in my country is pretty bad for video)

  • blackfang

    Gorgeous. So can these be bought physically or are they just pdfs?

  • BattlesystemsTWS


    Thanks for the feedback, you have a good point. Video feeds can be a bit sparse in places. Yes the connectors are included, you just cut them out. You can use a small blob of Bluetak this works very well. I actually just place them down and don’t fix them at all. They sit there quite happily unless knocked. The Large bunker pods really don’t need a connector as they sit fine too and are bigger.

    Having the pods sitting free is great for moving the terrain as you game, especially if you haven’t made a full set yet or are planning a massive campaign. You can arrange these as you please as you game where it was just a simple corridor they endlessly wound its way around the table and our marines just battled until they dropped. lol.

    You may well get away with 1mm mount board, however on some of the room packs the ‘internal supports’ that are normally 2 pieces of board thick (3mm) would need to be 3 pieces thick. You could just print or cut another piece.

    Basically the idea is that the system is ultra flexible and so you get a different set up every time you game. use all the pods or just a few for a small out post.

    Again thanks for your feedback, it is very important to us. Just let me know if you have any further questions.


    Colin Young
    Battle Systems

    • Sevej

      I have some more questions. Written on your product page, the product is enough for 2′ x 3′ board. Can’t I print more to cover more? Or is it the amount achieved by 1x printing?

      Also, it may be worthwhile to do a tutorial on permanent 2 or 3 modules wall. I’m sure there are people who appreciate the practicality/overall sturdiness over total customization.

  • BattlesystemsTWS

    Hi Sevej,

    Thanks for checking us out. You can indeed print more. As many as you like intact. Maybe we need to change the way this is written. If you print one set it will give you enough for that size area. You can then print as many sets (or part sets) as you like.

    Good point. I did think about some larger pod walls, but really just wanted the overall flexibility to remain the main point. Maybe we should do a longer wall pod and include it so that people can choose. After all you don’t have to use it I guess.

    Thanks for the feedback

    Let me know if you have other questions.


    Battle Systems