Battle Systems: A new terrain-making company

By Polar_Bear
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Mar 6th, 2012

Battle Systems gives us a look at their brand-new terrain. It’s a new company! Get in on the ground floor… and cover it with their terrain.

Go and check them out!

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  • You know.. if these guys actually sold physical product.. oh.. say .. just plasticard with this stuff printed on it and pre-punched, I think they would be head and shoulders above all of the other companies that sell pdfs. If I’m going to spend hours assembling terrain, I’d prefer it be made out of something better than paper. Yes I know you can glue it to foam board or whatever.. I enjoy what they are showing, and would like to own it.. but I do not have the patience to both print and arrange that and cut out corresponding foam board and then try and assemble all of that and hope I get it right. I know I could do it but the level of frustration and the amount of time involved just doesn’t seem worth it.

    On the other hand, if this WERE pre-printed polystyrene that was already punched and just needed to be put together, I think people would scramble for it. It would provide insanely fast, durable, and attractive terrain.

    • grimbergen

      I agree… I toyed with home printed paper terrain in the past, and it is a nightmare to cut and assemble properly (even well designed ones; I’ve got over 30-40 hrs invested from worldworks to other makers).

      I’m sure it’s possible to get to their level of build after much practice, and I guess in many ways it’s like practicing painting of the minis. But in the end my hobby is minigaming and not papercrafting so I’m not willing to put more effort into it.

      • cama

        There’s only one thing left to do: BADGERCIZE!

  • Cherno

    A with all hobby-related things, it’s a matter of time vs. money. Got cash to spend? Buy a few square feet of (possibly painted) resin terrain. Got no cash, but lots of spare time? Buy some WWG set for 10 USD and print, cut and glue it yourself (yes, I know there’s costs for paper and cartridges involved). Some people like the look of resin terrain, some don’t. Some like the look of paper models, some don’t. Some like to spend hours assembling/painting terrain, some don’t. What’s important is that everyone can choose what he likes 🙂

    • Yeah.. if you re-read my suggestion, I am saying that if they pre-printed this stuff on sytrene it would be a happy-medium. Especially if it was slotted so it went right together and only really needed a little superglue/styrene-weld.

  • I must say that whenever I see paper terrain that’s well done I really like it – but all of my own efforts in this arena have never been that successful. The time and money involved to do it well… I’d rather spend on something with more dimensionality.

    • I agree, this stuff looks great the way they’ve done it. Unfortunately, I’d rather invest my time improving other skills related to the hobby or other creative endeavors. Pre-printed pre-punched would solve this and could be around the same cost as this.

      Honestly if someone doesn’t pick up this concept I might have to start a business..

  • keltheos

    You mean like that Terraclips stuff? 😉

  • Solospirit

    Terraclips from World Works Games is the solution if you dont have the time to construct cardstock like this, or want something a little sturdier than card, but not as expensive as cast terrain.

    I agree with folks above, this stuff looks brilliant (I bought a set to have a look) but its going to be a pain to put together a good size layout, and not much opportunity to machine ccut it either. I shall almost certainly build and use some for set pieces tho.. 🙂

  • BattlesystemsTWS

    Hi from Battle Systems,

    Your feedback is well received. We are a new company and all comments are of value to us. It does take time to contract the system although you get faster as you go. Basic pods take about 20 mins per pod, but your first one would probably take 45 mins.

    We will be working towards a printed version and ultimately a fully punched etc version. This will be funded by the digital sales.

    We have provided 19 tutorial videos as opposed to large text book instructions and I personally instruct on all these videos as the owner/creator. Watch out for my ginger claw! These are all linked onto the website so you can see what is required before you decide to buy. I guess you have already seen these on the site.

    Our desire is the produce the best detailed terrain that is flexible enough to be forever changeable and your feedback will help us continue to create and produce fine products. So once again thanks for the feedback.

    Colin Young

    • Wow, sorry to drag the Worldworks discussion here. If you guys do something like this but pre-punched, I would expect it to sell extremely well. I hope your digital sales are good enough to fund this. I would suggest using kickstarter though if you really want to move into pre-print and still manage to cover your existing operating costs.

  • Wow, Terraclips seems pretty awesome.. Wish there was some way of knowing how much each box fully makes.

  • supervike

    I really like the looks of this stuff. Amazing detail.

  • riftsinger

    i to second the “if this came preprinted on the card ” that stuff looks very nice

  • Tommygun

    Wow, very impressive.
    Just tried to order it, although there seems to be technical issue at the moment.
    Maybe too many orders at once?
    I will try again latter.

  • BattlesystemsTWS

    Thanks again for the feedback. The pods are quite strong, some of the ones on the video and the website are two years old and I have been using them extensively while testing them and so on. Each pod has internal supports that give strength. Also because they are light they tend not to damage when dropped. Thanks for the funding link I had a quick look and will check them out tonight. Looks like someone experience a technical glitch too. Let me know if you can’t resolve this. We have been selling with no issues sinse your post so hopefully there are no issues for you now.

    Again thanks for the feedback. Many companies do not listen to their potential customers (sweeping statement) and above all I’m a life time fan and gamer so appreciate all comments.

    Thanks again

    Battle Systems

  • These are stunningly beautiful sets. Compare to the FFG model set two stories earlier: a beautiful model, well-constructed, but you’ve got just one when you’re done. Time and energy go into assembling the plastic, then priming, painting. That will exceed their time estimate for assembly of one module. . . and if you want a second, you have to go out to the store again. I see it as a trade off, but for about $16, this set is an extraordinary deal.

  • antenociti

    Lovely work there Battle System! 😉

  • BattlesystemsTWS

    Thanks again guys.


  • Lord Abaddon of Wormwood

    As a long term Cardstock Modeller and Gamer I have to say that this really floats my boat. I love the layering and the gloss effects. The actual subject is not my cuppa (Star Wars/Star Trek) but it does look great.

    I really hope that this works for you and your customer base Colin!

    Lord Abaddon of Wormwood