Battle of Sabis article available for download

The Maine Historical Wargamers Association have sent word that their Battle of Sabis table from Huzzah! was featured in Wargames Illustrated and that the article is now available for download.

From their announcement:

WI274 contains an article about the group project, the Battle of Sabis, which was run at Huzzah! this last spring. More than 3,000 Wargames Factory miniatures were donated by Tony at WF, then painted by 40+ people scattered across several states. Scale Creep Miniatures donated the Litko stands, GF9 donated basing supplies, Ancient Warfare magazine donated copies of their issue detailing Caesar’s campaigns in Gaul. It was a group project that brought together wargamers, painting services, wargame companies, and then players for the battle at our convention in Maine.

If its of interest to you, be sure to check it out in WI274. You can also read a supplement online in which Howard Whitehouse and I toss around ideas about the revisions of Clash of Iron, and the game itself.

Thanks to all who helped. It was a terrific project.