Battle For Zendikar set released for Magic: the Gathering

By Polar_Bear
In Card Games
Oct 2nd, 2015

Magic: The Gathering was my gateway game into the hobby (as I’m sure it was for many of you reading this). I started back in 6th grade. 4th Edition, Ice Age, Alliances… those are the sets I remember. I was pretty terrible at the game. I always thought the build for my decks was a good idea, but that never actually seemed to be the case when it came time to throw down.
Anyway, Battle for Zendikar, the latest expansion set for Magic: the Gathering is now available.

This set, as you could guess from the name, takes place in the Zendikar realm. Elves, Humans, and even Vampires are teaming up to try and fend off attacks from the Eldrazi, alien beings looking to conquer everything they can. The set also contains Zendikar Expeditions, which are very rare versions of Magic cards with foil art of the Zendikari landscape.

So get your decks ready to be tuned, there’s a whole new set to augment them with.

And yeah, I know. We don’t usually do CCGs here. But you guys have proved time and again when I make these posts that they get the views. So you certainly look at these things, even if it’s not something we post about all the time.


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  • Chad_Caughmann

    Considering MTG gets more attention in the grand scheme of things than pretty much every other board/miniatures/card game COMBINED, is it really necessary to start covering it here too?

    • Well, like I mentioned, the stories get views, oftentimes more than stories about new minis from some well-known companies (maybe not GW or PP, but not “fly-by-nite mini company” either).
      The most-viewed story TGN has had was an M:TG story.
      And it’s not like I’m going to be covering deck builds or anything like that. But a new set is something I feel warrants 1 of the 52+ stories that are reported each week.

      • Chad_Caughmann

        It’s nice to have a gaming place that covers all sorts of gaming-related content OTHER than MTG (since it doesn’t need more coverage anyway).

        • Well, like I mentioned, it’s not going to be, “Now let’s look at all the cards, individually, in their own post.”
          The last story about M:TG (besides the Puzzle Quest, which is a different product, entirely) was about Magic Duels: Origins, which received a substantial number of views. Now, rough estimating here, there have been about 624 other stories since that last one was posted (that other post was made on July 9th).
          Again, I’m sorry if you feel that these are coming “too often” (two out of an estimated 624 posts, and 3 months apart) and somehow distracting away from the other posts on the site.

          • Chad_Caughmann

            I get the MTG boardgame from a little while back…but to start having news stories when a new set for the card game comes out just seems really sudden and off. MTG has existed for 20+ years, this site has existed for 10-15 years? Why start covering the card game now? (Even if it is just saying when a new set comes out)

          • Daniel36

            Better late than never, if you ask me. It is a tabletop game, this website deqls with tabletop gaming news. Like has been said, ignoring it is easy. Magic is not my game, but I do like reading about it when something new hits, be it Magic, Frostgrave, Warhammer or Catan, it’s all game.


        I’m not a fan of Magic, but I don’t see any harm in reporting its new product releases. It’s easy enough to ignore a story on this site if it is not your type of game.