Battle Foam taking Warmachine/Hordes army bag pre-orders

Battle Foam is accepting pre-orders for their new Warmachine and Hordes army bags.

From their announcement:

As you all may know we have been hard at work with the great design team over at Privateer Press. Rob Hawkins and I have spent countless hours in designing a bag that not only carried models but took care of the little details. Careful thought went into each part of the bag. Little details like a place to clip your card pages or slide your card sleeves.

Along with these and many other cool features is the foam. As always only the highest quality foam is used in Battle Foam trays. If it does not say Battle Foam its just a cheap rip off. The guys at Privateer Press has their hands in every part of the foam tray design and came up with a great combo of trays and toppers to keep even the most oddly posed models safe.

Take a minute and click over to Battle Foam for all the details. Bag size, foam size, and pre-orders can all be found there. A full review video will be up in the next few days so stay tuned for that.

Thanks to everyone at Privateer Press and we look forward to everyones pre-orders.

Hordes Bag
Warmachine Bag