Battle Foam announce Dystopian Wars bags and trays

By tgn_admin
In Accessories
Jun 9th, 2011

Battle Foam have released a bag and several custom foam trays for Dystopian Wars.

bag and trays

  • Mooniac

    Looks too much like a PC bag. It’s begging to be stolen.

    Anyone else aggravated that all the BattleFoam bags have different size trays, and none of them fit standard boxes? Sort of ridiculous that you can’t store your extra stuff without buying an extra bag. They make the nicest bags, but there are better size tray options from other companies.

    • cybogoblin

      They also seem a little bit limited with the pre-designed layouts. Sure, they’re designed to fit the contents of boxed sets, but what if you’re force is a little more ‘custom’?

      Personally, I prefer the pluck foam trays for carrying minis. They’re the most customisable and you can use the plucked pieces as additional padding for the more odd sized minis.

      • Zac

        but what if you’re force is a little more ‘custom’?

        Just from looking at the trays I think that you’d be pretty well covered with what they have. Most vessels come in preset blisters so its not as if you’re going to have a wide variety of possible combinations of vessels or aircraft

      • They also have a custom tray creation program.

        Though I do agree with you on the pluck foam additional padding thing. It’s nice for mass army games like WHFB. I magnetize the units and put them in the foam standing in their tray, using the plucked foam as a topper to keep them from moving.

        • Zac

          The Malifaux bag comes with a tray of pluck foam. I wonder if there are pluck foam trays that fit these bags?

    • Zac

      Looks too much like a PC bag

      Only from that photo. Its much wider and deeper than a computer bag.

      Anyone else aggravated that all the BattleFoam bags have different size trays, and none of them fit standard boxes?

      Define “standard”? I suspect that the size of the bags is dictated by the range of figures that they have to fit and also by the size of bags they can get from their suppliers.

      • ish

        What Mooniac meant is that their foam trays are not compatible with their own cases apart from the one it came with. If you buy a malifaux bag then a dystopian wars bag you wont be able to mix these trays in one bag and have a small force for malifaux + a small force for dw in the same bag. You either take both of them, or leave one set of minis at home.

        • Zac

          That does appear to be true for the game specific cases that they make and it is a bit annoying. I’ll email Romeo and see if there is a specific reason for that.

        • But you can mix companies with the custom tray creator. Say if you play a lot of Dystopian Wars, but you would also like to carry your MERCS squad that everyone started playing. You can make a DW size tray that holds your fleet plus some rectangle spaces for your MERCS figs.

          • Zac

            Good point. The new Spartan bag isn’t listed yet but the Dystopian War shapes are so you can make a tray to fit into the Malifaux bag.

            And according to their site the Malifaux bag is the same size as their C4 bag.

            No idea what sizes the Dystopian War trays are though