Battle Flag releases the flags of the English at Agincourt

Battle Flag has released a set of wargaming flags for the English at Agincourt.

flags of the English at Agincourt

From their announcement:

Following on from the First Hundred Years War set of wargame flags, “The Knights of The Black Prince”, I have had a lot of requests for flag sets for Agincourt and War of the Roses.

The good news is that not only will we be releasing flags sets for all of the major Combatants of both periods but that the first sheet of model flags for the Battle of Agincourt is ready now.

It hardly goes without saying that the first set of wargame flags had to be for Henry V.

Henry V is my favorite of all Shakespeare plays, what with the stirring St. Crispin’s Day speech just before the battle of Agincourt itself and the immortal line before storming the walls of Harfleur, “Cry God, for Harry, England and St. George!”