Battle Flag release new Hundred Years War flags

Battle Flag have released new wargaming flags for the Hundred Years War.

Hundred Years War flags

From their announcement:

The latest set of wargame flags from Battle Flag released this week is from the Hundred Years War.

The banner of Edward of Woodstock, The Black Prince, takes the central position on this plate of knightly colours.

The banners are all of knights that fought with the Prince on the English right flank at The Battle of Crécy on the 26th August 1346. Richard de Beaumont ( The Prince’s standard bearer), John De Vere The Earl of Oxford, Thomas Beauchamp The Earl of Warwick, Robert Lord Neville, Richard de Beaumont, Ralph 4th Lord Bassett, the brothers Sir Thomas Holland & Sir Otho de Holland, and Ralph Lord Stafford and his brother Sir Richard Stafford.