Battle Flag release Napoleonic flags for the British at Waterloo

5th British sheetBattle Flag have released a new series of British Napoleonic wargaming flags from the Battle of Waterloo.

From their announcement:
In response to all the emails requesting that Battle Flag produce a range of model wargame flags for the Napoleonic period I am pleased to say that first sets are ready.

Published on Brigade sheets, similar to Battle Flag’s popular ACW range of wargame flags, Napoleonic wargamers can now purchase flags of complete British Brigades (with their allies and adversaries to follow).

The plate sheets are available in both 15mm and 25/28mm sets.

With the variation in the size of model soldiers between manufactures I have never held that one size of wargame flag fits all ranges. Therefore I have created this range to allow wargamers and collectors of military miniatures to specify what size they want these flags to be. The 25mm flags can be anywhere from 30mm to 40mm in size and the 15mm from 18mm to 22mm.

There will be quite a number of new releases over the coming weeks for all the periods that Battle Flag now produce and just one or two surprises as well.