Basecraft has washes now available

Basecrafts now has Secret Weapon Washes available.

From the announcement:

The full range of SW Washes (30 colours) is now available in the UK from Basecrafts.

This high quality range of Acrylic washes is finally available in the UK and to celebrate Basecrafts have added a buy 10 get 1 pigment free offer on the Wash range.

  • My name is Mister Justin and I approve this message 🙂

  • Sejanus

    Baby poop? seriously?

    Thanks, but no thanks.

  • HA! It’s a best seller — one of the original “Les’ Dirty Washes” recipes.

    For those that don’t know — the Secret Weapon washes use many of the Les’ Washes recipes, with permission of course. These are the same great washes that made popular — but made with greater consistency thanks to our filling machine.

    • Soulfinger

      Still, I paint miniatures to get a break from baby poop. Same reason I don’t want a paint called Sobriety White.

      • KelRiever

        Well, anyone who’s had a baby knows that baby poop can be any number of colors…:)

  • scarletsquig

    Cool, glad to see a UK Distributor for these. There’s a lot of Secret Weapon stuff that I’d like to buy, but customs and excise fees make it too expensive to ship from the US.

    • We’re working on that too — EU if not UK directly….

    • Basecrafts

      If you let us know what you would like to see we can add it to our next order, we can either stock the range if we think there would be interest, or bring across individual items for people as part of our main orders.

      Our orders are larger and thus some of the customs charges are absorbed.