BaneLegions has a pair of new models for pre-order

By Polar_Bear
In Fantasy
Apr 7th, 2012

BaneLegions releases a pair of new models at sort of two ends of the spectrum. One’s a maul-wielding giant. Another’s a sword-wielding woman.

From the release:

Something big and something beautiful this time as the mahoosive Mjagnir and the lithe and deadly Alianne are up for pre-order.

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  • Haibane

    Yeah she looks real “lithe” – at least until you factor in those two puppies bouncing around. Think I know how she took out her eyes…

  • mathieu

    Up until now, even the models I didn’t like in the Banelegion range were at least decently sculpted. That Alianne is not only a bad model but also a very poor sculpt. A bit disappointing from Maelstrom, up until now they’d only hired talented artists for their miniatures.

  • The new big guy is an interesting monster but Alianne is a terrible sculpt. Not only is it the classic type of mini that gives us all a bad name it also has terrible anatomy and hair that looks like it’s been squeezed through a playdoh hair maker.

  • Killraven

    Alianne’s hair is pretty coarse, but I’m willing to bet that it won’t look that bad firsthand, that picture is blown up pretty large for the website. But, yeah, that cleavage does reek of adolescence. Nicely done otherwise.

  • The big guy is nice … until you get down to his legs. I don’t know how they let this guy have such a badass-looking upper body and then treetrunk legs. Maybe this shot is just at a bad angle.

  • McRockin

    Maybe she should take the blindfold off. From the pic on the left, it looks like she’s about to mistake her butt crack for her scabbard.